Falah Recruitment enjoys the trust of thousands of job seekers who have received our recruiters’ assistance and guidance in their endeavor for overseas recruitment.

Our Recruiters are trained to take a proactive approach in identifying prospective candidates and having them register in our job-seekers section. A prior appointment with the recruiter in your vertical will allow him or her to spend some time with you and provide useful tips on how to plan your career and future in the Gulf Countries.

You may also receive some useful technical tips as regards your CV.

Please prepare the CV by highlighting relevant points as desired by the employer. Remember, it is your CV that reaches the client before you do. We therefore always guide our candidates to go through the Job requirements carefully and not to copy paste a standard CV with every application you make.

A professionally drafted CV with good and attractive layout, emailed with the Job Reference Number, the position title, your name and your current location in the email subject line and most importantly,

A well written covering letter that brings out your fitments to the job will do a world of good to your prospects.

Do spend some time with our recruiter in your vertical, next time you visit our office. We wish you success in your endeavor.

 Payroll Management Solutions :

Payroll_falahOur major focus into Payroll Management to serve across all the industries in the market in India, Falah Recruitment Services Pvt Ltd helps companies streamline all your HR functionalities like Attendance, PF, PT,ESI, Bank A/C’s, ID Cards & Apprisals. This will reduce the payroll processing time, resulting in increase in the payroll cut-off dates and also will help you to keep the retrospective corrections at bay.


We provide companies with complete payroll services, allow us to be the ones processing ,
tedious aspects of your work while you focus on strategy, raising profitability and further developing your company.